Climate Emergency Declaration Petition*

Call on the Australian Parliament to declare a climate emergency and initiate a massive society-wide climate action mobilisation. 

Dear Members of the House of Representatives,

Concerned citizens of Australia call on our Parliament to declare a climate emergency and initiate a society-wide climate mobilisation of a scale never before seen in peacetime.

Climate scientists say that we face a climate emergency and that our actions so far have come nowhere near what is required. In February 2016, there was an alarming global temperature spike of more than 1.5°C of warming, just months after the Paris Climate Accord set an aim of not exceeding that limit. The Great Barrier Reef and ancient world-heritage forests are dying. The survival of ecosystems, and the future of human civilisation, now hang in the balance.

We must devote all the resources necessary to preserve a livable planet and protect the vulnerable from the dangerous climate impacts already locked in. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to zero within a few years, not several decades, and we must safely draw down the excess carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

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* On 22 June 2018, the total signatures for this campaign included 11,538 signatures on paper petitions and 5284 on other online versions.